Musical Furniture

Many of us have turned down musical instruments with the lack of space at home or their parents or husband or wife just want another room for their library, trophy room, home theatre, office, spa or another room just for their shoes!

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The Most Expensive Furniture in the World

An ebony cabinet measuring 12 feet in height, inlaid finely cut and polished with a number of semi-precious stones- admittedly gorgeous in design and perfectly executed.

But the record setting price tag of USD 36.7 million- we say you’re paying a little extra for the material and craftsmanship. You’re really buying a portion of furniture history with your money for this one- and that in itself is priceless.

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Float your Bed

Pushing the boundaries to progress in any field has become common nature in human beings. The 21st century has only emphasised this notion. Interior designers, architects, engineers and students of the subjects have given weight to progress in design for furniture generating contemporary outlooks and ground-breaking ways of engineering and execution.

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A New Beginning

The EM Group’s mission has always been to provide our customer with the best shopping experience. We have now attached a fresh new face to this resolution: EM Interiors.

EM Interiors is a young lifestyle brand that focuses on providing the global market with products across the home living segment. The new endeavour builds on the extensive knowledge of materials used to manufacture the varied demands of high quality customised furniture that its parent company- Essentially Metal has accomplished over the years.

The central feature that the client can capitalise on with the new brand is its online capabilities. We intend to take your shopping experience to a level of greater convenience- your own home. Our complete product portfolio can now be found online and you can purchase your favoured accessory, table, chair or even a sofa at your own leisure from our Webstore

Simultaneously, staying ahead of the times, Essentially Metal has also undergone a total website overhaul. We have remained focused to make our customer’s experience more efficient, user-friendly and good to look at! We have newly added features such as ‘Submit your Design’The Essential Blog’ amongst other such additions. You also have an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of who we are and even have a look through some of our recent works .

We take great pleasure in welcoming you to our new website and to get acquainted with EM Interiors. After all our principle at the EM Group remains the same, we only initiate a relationship for it to be forever sustained.

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