Float your Bed

Pushing the boundaries to progress in any field has become common nature in human beings. The 21st century has only emphasised this notion. Interior designers, architects, engineers and students of the subjects have given weight to progress in design for furniture generating contemporary outlooks and ground-breaking ways of engineering and execution.

The mechanics for the Floating Bed is as complex as the Dutch architect’s name who created this modern masterpiece: Janjaap Ruijssenaars. Hovering 40cm above the floor, this show-off of a sleeping apparatus can hold 900 kilos allowing your family to float in the middle of your bedroom-that would impress even your levitating yogi.

No paranormal activity associated with this one though, pure physics with permanent extremely strong opposite magnetic fields with four thin cables that enable this bed to remain in its mid-air motionless position.

Floats your boat? Sure floats mine! Thought I forgot to mention something though... sets you back a cool USD 1.5mn. A Villa in Spain or the Floating Bed?!