The Most Expensive Furniture in the World

An ebony cabinet measuring 12 feet in height, inlaid finely cut and polished with a number of semi-precious stones- admittedly gorgeous in design and perfectly executed.

But the record setting price tag of USD 36.7 million- we say you’re paying a little extra for the material and craftsmanship. You’re really buying a portion of furniture history with your money for this one- and that in itself is priceless.

Commissioned by Henry Somerset, 3rd Duke of Beaufort at the age of 19- it took 30 experts 6 years to make The Badminton Cabinet (or the Badminton Chest).  One technique implemented was a decorative art called Pietra Dura or Parchin Kari in South Asia where the process of using cut and fitted highly polished coloured stones was used to create images on the chest.

Now if you are a regular 19 year old who is in university and loves traditional style furniture, a masterpiece even, you could begin dreaming of how to own the ‘The One’ or alternatively obtain a reproduction of it. If you aspire for even greater heights- you better start thinking of how you can add such momentous value to a piece of furniture that would one day attain extraordinary amounts of money and etch your name in the record breaking chronicles of furniture history. Of course if it’s the latter and since it took over a few centuries to accomplish the record of highest valued furniture in the world today, I suggest you get your thinking cap on now!