Musical Furniture

Many of us have turned down musical instruments with the lack of space at home or their parents or husband or wife just want another room for their library, trophy room, home theatre, office, spa or another room just for their shoes! Potokar, a musician (son of a Latin Jazz and Polka drummer) along with John Houshmand (also a musician and a designer/sculptor) have given us an opportunity to make as much noise as we want at home without having a musical instrument in sight let alone a room to fight your family for. A range of furniture that plays music, from coffee tables to dividers, even a mural that no one would ever guess can bust out some tunes!

Touch wall, contact controlled synthesizer, 86 inches x 38 inches, walnut.


Harp coffee table, three person stringed electric instrument, 36 inches x18 inches, cherry and steel.



Drum wall, percussion room divider each panel is 3 feet x 7 feet, mahogany, aluminum, steel, and mylar.



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So where would you use this interactive set of furnishings- hotel lobbies and other public spaces maybe. I know where I’m using it, right in the middle of the house; yes the living room and I will learn to how to play those Bruce Springsteen tracks on my Harp Coffee Table.