Essentially Metal is recognised as the one of the leading manufacturers of furniture in India. It has consistently ranked in the top 10 and is dedicated to delivering quality furniture designs, contemporary or classic, since 1998

Essentially Metal (EM) began with the aim of making attractive and innovative furniture designs following current design trends. Our strengths lie in the conceptualization and the manufacturing of customised furniture. Our designs are noted for being innovative and attractive as well as easily usable and functional at the same time. The ample knowledge and experience is on display in the form of bespoke products and via the design teams available at the Essentially Metal Studio in the central business district of Bangalore since 1998.

Essentially Metal has ever since been consistently identified as one of the top retailers and service providers of the furniture and interior solutions industries of Bangalore and across India. Though we pioneered in manufacturing design forward metal furniture, we have since transcended our expertise to produce all forms of upholstered and wood furniture amongst an array of other materials we use to cater to our interior designer, architect, corporate, hospitality and domestic clientele.

With nearly two decades of presence within the lifestyle industry, Essentially Metal has been regularly gaining recognition across the country and has recently stepped out over international waters, thus making us an international furniture- solutions brand.

Meet The Founders


Late Ravi Jouhari

Ravi Jouhari was the founder and vision behind the brand, which was the result of a vertical integration between the manufacturing organisation and the retail front. He pioneered in introducing contemporary international standard design and quality furniture to the Indian market.

Within 2 ½ years 7 Essentially Metal franchisees opened across the country by different people, which ran successfully, based on Ravi’s vision.

A state of the art factory, which was both labour and capital intensive with machinery imported from leading companies in Germany, serviced these franchisees.

Ravi incepted a community of designers, which under his direction cultivated a wide range of designs that were far ahead of the time, and yet was low maintenance while being visually appealing and affordable for the customer to purchase.

Unfortunately, Ravi Jouhari passed on in November of 2003 at the age of 43 leaving the legacy of Essentially Metal to his wife and children to carry forward…

Nishu Jouhari

Nishu Jouhari graduated with a first class degree in Interior Designing from SNDT, Mumbai- the first Maharashtra University to be accredited a 5 star rating from the NAAC. She was then married and started her own carpets and soft furnishings company along with offering her interior designing expertise.

During her years at university, Nishu was awarded the Best Cadet of the Maharashtra battalion.

In 1991, Nishu had been offered a post of Vice-President that soon converted into a Director position for a start-up garment buying house and exporting company. In the period of 9 years she worked here, the business had reached a turnover bracket of INR 75 Crores (INR 750 million) per annum. Today the same business is turning over INR 200 Crores (INR 2 Billion) per annum.

In 1998, Nishu had chosen to work with the newly launched furniture retail family business- Essentially Metal. Since then she has been viewed and respected as one of Bangalore’s leading women entrepreneurs and has featured in India’s highly acclaimed design publications over the years.

Nishu was selected for and offered 100% scholarship for the Goldman Sachs Advanced Level Entrepreneurship Programme at the International School of Business- an internationally top ranked institution (Business School); where she received business and management education that was applied to the furniture business.

Nishu Jouhari was alsoa member and the Chapter Director of BNI (Business Networking International) Bangalore in 2011- proclaimed as the largest business networking organization of the world.

She is currently a very active member of the prestigious Rotary Midtown Bangalore where she held the position of Club Secretary in the year of 2014 and is presently the President Elect.

Dhruv Jouhari

Dhruv Jouhari graduated from Lancaster University Management School in the United Kingdom- ranked within the top four of UK and a highly acclaimed global institution with a 6 star management school (one of the only two in the United Kingdom). He graduated with an Honours degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from the Lancaster University Management School. Dhruv was also nominated for the placement student of the year award by the university during his time at the college.

Dhruv worked at the headquarters of the world’s largest steel organisation- ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg, Europe. Working in the Treasury department of ArcelorMittal Sourcing, which is the central buying and selling body of the multinational organisation gave much insight regarding the various operations across sectors and the administrative processes, which generated a passion for a business model that ran with such efficiency. In early 2010, Dhruv decided to move back to India and join the family business to implement internationally advanced systems to the daily practices and development of Essentially Metal.

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