Essentially Metal is recognised as the one of the leading manufacturers of furniture in India. It has consistently ranked in the top 10 and is dedicated to delivering quality furniture designs, contemporary or classic, since 1998

Our forte of providing highly customised furniture is most appreciated by this segment of our targeted clientele: architects and interior designers alike. The ability to deeply understand the client’s requirements and use our in-depth knowledge to develop furniture products, push us far above our competition.

The EM Group allow your dream designs to come alive into the real world. We are the vehicles that allow you to make your mark on projects that you execute for your clients, assuring you of quality and production guarantee, which enable you to take on more and leave the production to us. The synergy created between our design team, your design expertise and our skilful workforce enables your team to specialize on the service you provide best while we take care of the back-end product related work giving you a hassle-free approach to the projects taken on.

We at Essentially Metal are a sustainable and responsible business. We follow strict norms with regards to corporate social responsibility. On the designing front, we encourage students of product and space design to gain experience in an all dimensions, enabling them to apply their creative approach learnt at their respective educational institutions. We are also ardent believers of ‘giving ahead’ by supporting numerous charitable organisations across various verticals situated in Bangalore.

We firmly believe that ‘giving ahead’ is far more effective than ‘giving back’ A successful business is a responsible business. We have observed the true satisfaction received when our professional commitments go hand in hand to the commitments of time and resources that are distributed to our wider commitment to our communities, employees, other stakeholders and environment in complete synchronisation.

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<p>Architects, Interior Designers and students who need customized furniture solutions, manufactured to their requirements by Essentially Metal</p>