What We Do

What we do at Essentially Metal-Make Furniture

We design, execute and pride ourselves on providing customised furniture solutions for living rooms, gardens, dining rooms, bedrooms, office spaces, restaurants, cafes, educational institutes and a lot more.

Our products are primarily composed of metal, wood, glass, upholstery, PVC wicker amongst many other types of design forward material and furniture that allow you to flaunt your indoor and outdoor spaces, keeping in mind factors of functionality and usability.

Our in-house design and manufacturing team enables Essentially Metal to offer a plethora of designs which are primarily distinguished by categories such as Sofas, Chairs, Tables (side tables, centre tables, office tables), Dining tables, Beds, Bar units, Children Furniture, Outdoor and Patio furniture.

Since the Essentially Metal clientele enjoy make-to-order/customized furniture privileges, we provide ideas for modern house ideas with contemporary furniture execution as well as classic furniture solutions.

Our projects spread across various industries within the hospitality, corporate and domestic turnkey sectors. Our project service offers customisation to each product to cater to the client’s precise requirement.

Materials and Customization


The EM Group prides itself on the quality of products manufactured. A highly skilled, talented and loyal workforce has enabled us to achieve positive growth and progress over the years. The self-motivated and service driven environment within the company inspires all the employees to continuously achieve higher levels of productivity which consistently surpass customer expectations.

We follow a quality assurance approach where the emphasis is on self-checking, ensuring optimum quality at every stage of production, before gaining final quality inspector approvals. Every company is as good as the people working in the organisation; at EM we recognise this fact and hence, ensure our human resources are provided with good working and living conditions which has gained us their respect and loyalty over the years. With time on our side, we continuously develop our workforce and strive to achieve perfection on a day-to-day basis.

With quality being of utmost importance at EM, we utilize ISO certified raw materials that enables us to extend the guarantees on our product to you as the customer. In addition, our procurement team carry out various material testing procedures and obtain necessary certifications wherever necessary to re-confirm authenticity of raw materials before we go into production.

Our chief designers provide you with exceptional service to customise your products and spaces. The ability to translate thoughts and images from our customers mind to great quality furniture designs, products and space solutions is an uncanny talent we have present in Essentially Metal. From giving you the touch and feel of your furniture product while explaining the mood the space may require, our designers would reassure you constantly with our products that you receive the best customized solution.

Being at the forefront of bespoke furniture, we offer an efficient service opportunity where you can submit your designs onto our Design Uploader. We will get back to you with a quotation ensuring that you save time and also encourage you to have a fully customised product delivered right to your doorstep.

Architects and clients looking for total space solutions can also upload their designs, layouts and floor plans in the following versions for an estimate: PDF, Microsoft Office, AutoCad or SolidWorks.

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